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Perspex Acrylic Poster Frames      
These Perspex Acrylic Poster Frames are a simple yet effective way to display your poster, menus, memos, photos and more any where on the wall in your interior location.      
Wall Mounted      
These Perspex Acrylic Poster Frames are a great and simple way to promote your business, company or cause by displaying your posters, photos, menus, memos and more! Simply hang these stylish and modern Perspex acrylic frames on the wall anywhere in your interior location and watch as they not only showcase your graphics but brighten and decorate your space. With these frames available in sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1, you can pick a frame size suited to you and your location. These wall mounted Perspex acrylic poster frames are popular with schools, colleges, universities, libraries, NHS, waiting rooms, reception areas, offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants, leisure centres, museums and many more!      
Features and benefits of the Perspex Acrylic Poster Frames - Wall Mounted      
Simple, stylish and modern display solution      
Ideal for displaying posters, notices, memos, photos and menus      
Can easily be mounted onto any interior wall by using aluminium stand off fittings      
Available in sizes A4, A3, A2 or A1       
Can be used in a portrait or landscape format      
The poster is sandwiched between 2 crystal clear sheets of acrylic      
The front cover sheet is made from 2mm clear Perspex acrylic      
The magnetic system allows you to quickly and easily change your poster      
The front cover sheet has a silver band that frames your poster      
The front cover is held in place using recessed magnets       
Sizes and Dimensions
Size Option Overall Unit Size Poster Visual Area Poster Size Trim Out
A4 Frame 320mm x 397mm 203mm x 290mm 220mm x 307mm
A3 Frame 415mm x 540mm 290mm x 413mm 307mm x 430mm
A2 Frame 540mm x 700mm 413mm x 587mm 430mm x 604mm
A1 Frame 728mm x 975mm 588mm x 836mm 604mm x 851mm